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Contract & Transactional Law

Our attorneys are highly skilled at drafting contracts and handling negotiations of all sizes. With experience closing multi-million dollar contracts and pro bono work alike, we all know that a properly drafted contract can represent the best insurance policy against unnecessarily expensive and time-consuming litigation.

As a result, it is important to select counsel that has attention to detail, the ability to clearly articulate their thoughts, the ability to foresee potential problems, and the ability to simultaneously think inside and outside the box.

We all know people that have attempted to either draft their own documentation or have relied upon the verbal representations of another to their own detriment. In order to protect our clients, we endeavor to clearly delineate the responsibilities and duties of all parties involved. In doing so, we provide counsel regarding:

  • Review of proposed agreements from suppliers or business partners;
  • Employment agreements, option and benefit plans, company policies, and
  • separation agreements;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Sales agreements;
  • General business transactions;
  • Construction contracts (residential and commercial);
  • Partnership agreements;
  • Leases; and
  • Financing agreements

We have also successfully defended clients in alleged breach of contract matters. In such cases, it is our general practice to seek extrication from litigation as quickly as possible. While we are more than happy to entrench ourselves for a Defendant in the right, few Defendants actively desire to defend a lawsuit if it is not necessary to do so. Recognizing this fact, we have successfully convinced opposing counsel to non-suit causes of action (and entire cases) simply by drafting the proper discovery questions.

Representative matters include:

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